After purchasing your home bar essentials like your barstools, bar tables, and bar cabinets, it’s downright proper to decorate it according to your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Of course, you can just leave your home bar bare with the essentials, but that would only be appropriate if you are a true blue minimalist. Believe it or not, we all want to furnish our home bars with decorations so we can personalize it. It’s the same concept on why we decorate our office tables with picture frames of our family and an oddly-shaped table sculpture. Below are the top four decorations you can get to decorate your home bar.

  • Lighting. Decorating your home bar by adding strategic lighting pieces is one great way of decorating it. Sample lighting pieces can be a simple drop light over the bar table or bar cabinet to something more like blue LED lights lined under your bar table or cabinet. There are also vintage lamps and another lighting available on Amazon to add a classic speakeasy feel to your home bar. You can also purchase smart light bulbs where you can change the color and overall temperature of the light through your smartphone. Among the more popular smart light bulbs are Philips Hue and LIFX.

  • Signage. Nothing will decorate a home bar more than a good signage saying that this home bar is mine. You can choose among three options – one is a marquee signage (think an older period of Hollywood where the edges of a signage are surrounded by light bulbs), another is cinema lightboxes (think the signage in front of cinemas with interchangeable letter blocks), and lastly, LED and neon signs (think signage in a red light district). You can buy generic marquee signs on Amazon or you can always opt to go the customized route. For cinema lightboxes, it’s always customizable since when you buy one, the letter blocks always comes with it. On the flip side, you can always customize LED and neon signs from local shops which retails them.

  • Posters. Aside from signage, posters are one good avenue to get visual treats to your home bar. Some good posters you can buy straight from Amazon includes informational and entertaining ones like this retro poster infographic that serves as a guide for various mixes and this hangover cures poster so you can prep yourself and your companions from a bad hangover resulting from a long night at your home bar. You can also add posters that suit your home bar’s theme or motifs like a poster of Elvis Presley or The Beatles if you have an old-fashioned home bar.

  • Utility. Utility decorative pieces serve two purposes for your home bar – first it, of course, decorates and the second, they are also functional. Sample utility decorative pieces are these beer bottle openers with witty lines (they also have a platform to catch the bottle caps!) and this DIY steampunk shelf made from wood and iron pipes where you can display your expensive or used liquor bottles for show.


Decorating is an integral part of the home bar building process so you can spruce up your recently built home bar to your own tastes. Don’t forget this step as no one likes a bland home bar without any life to it.

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